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The enkiri elite conjugate method: $124.99  

A Roadmap to Size, Strength, and Athleticism

The Enkiri Elite take on the classic Conjugate System! Inspired by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell fame. This all inclusive manual contains a comprehensive system of training designed to teach athletes of all levels how to maximize their strength, muscularity, and athleticism through a holistic, big picture view of the process of building elite levels of well rounded fitness. Whereas many modern training programs seek to pigeonhole you into a small subset of physical capacities, The Enkiri Elite Conjugate Method takes the opposite approach. The goal is to become inhumanly strong and jacked out of your gills, while also being able to move better and survive longer than any other person you'll ever come into contact with.

The goal is to become the Renaissance Man of the physical realm. The highly well-rounded generalist who surpasses all the specialists with the sheer breadth of their domain.

The manual contains a training program that is designed to allow you to get started working on the Enkiri Elite Conjugate System in relatively short order. Within a few hours of perusing the guide you will be up and running with your first steps. But it doesn't end there! With each passing day you will expand the depths of your training knowledge to levels that you never thought were possible. In time you will become a master of the system. You will learn how to work within it while also gaining control over it, bending it to YOUR WILL so that it suits you in the best way possible, even as your own personal goals evolve over time. You'll become Neo in the Matrix.

The system is malleable and highly adaptable to suit nearly any training goal you can think of. The more experience you gain with it the more possibilities you will be able to see with it. It's utility is nearly endless. The manual lends itself to many re-reads and will also make a fantastic reference piece many years down the road from now, as the information within the chapters extends far beyond the program itself. It is chock full of informative, golden tidbits and generalized training knowledge covering a whole host of realms that will take any student of the game and bring them several steps closer to becoming the ultimate master.


Enjoy this one, guys! There is so much information crammed into this book/program that you'll be finding new value in it at every new stage you hit in your own journey and personal progression. I've taken pretty much everything I know and combined it into my own personal experiences with Louie's framework to create an old but new system that not only makes training constantly invigorating and fun as hell, but also makes it highly productive and teaches you how to get more out of less. I put everything I had into this book and I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone who purchases it is able to get more value from it than they ever could have imagined they would.


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