About enkiri elite fitness

Enkiri Elite Fitness was founded in 2017 by Alec Enkiri. Alec is a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast who's passion for optimizing physical health/fitness and maximizing athletic ability have long made him a dedicated student of all things physical culture.  

Alec began lifting weights in 2007 originally as a means of improving his athletic performance on the playing field, but he quickly fell in love with the process of building muscle and strength for its own sake. Over the next several years he began learning all he could about the execution of safe and effective barbell training, along with the theories and processes of building muscle, greatly improving maximal strength, and bolstering athletic performance through improved conditioning levels and enhanced power production.    

Over the years Alec has avidly studied the work of many successful and highly influential strength & conditioning coaches and dissected and tested the methods of countless other notable personal trainers as well. He has studied kinesiology, nutrition & dietetics, sport psychology, and human anatomy both at the university level as well as extensively on his own to satisfy his own curiosities and thirst for knowledge. In 2011 he earned his personal training certification through the highly renowned National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Since then he has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals, from athletes looking to run a faster 40 yard dash, to average Joes just looking to put on a little bit of muscle and strength, to older adults looking to maintain a high quality of life.

Alec's vision with Enkiri Elite Fitness is to both inspire and motivate others to reach their fitness goals by showing what is possible when you truly believe in yourself and dedicate yourself to reaching your dreams, and to teach others what he has learned over the years without convoluting or sugar coating the process or using flashy yet ineffective gimmicks that make you appear well-educated, but actually do very little in terms of producing tangible results.   

Alec believes in always being honest and straightforward with his clients. He refuses to embellish facts or promise people the moon simply to sell them a product, which is an issue that is rampant in this industry. To be sure, Enkiri Elite Fitness sells exceptionally high quality services, and Alec believes in the value of these services 100%, but he knows that they cannot work if you are not willing to work, and he will never tell you otherwise. That unfaltering integrity is really what sets him apart from the pack. 

Finally, he believes in keeping things simple when possible, avoiding complexity when it's simply for complexity's sake, and always producing outstanding results. His online fitness programs and comprehensive online personal training embody these ideals and Enkiri Elite Fitness will continue to embody these ideals as long as there are people out there who are seeking a coach who is not only highly knowledgeable and dedicated, but also maintains a level of honesty, integrity, and raw passion that are very rare these days.