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"My strength increase has been incredible and I've had a lot of hypertrophy to go along with it. I am the strongest and most muscular 19 year old I know and you are largely responsible for that, so thank you."

Stef T.

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A Roadmap to Size, Strength, and Athleticism

The Enkiri Elite take on the classic Conjugate System! Inspired by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell fame. This all inclusive manual contains a comprehensive system of training designed to teach athletes of all levels how to maximize their strength, muscularity, and athleticism through a holistic, big picture view of the process of building elite levels of well rounded fitness. Whereas many modern training programs seek to pigeonhole you into a small subset of physical capacities, The Enkiri Elite Conjugate Method takes the opposite approach. The goal is to become inhumanly strong and jacked out of your gills, while also being able to move better and survive longer than any other person you'll ever come into contact with.

The goal is to become the Renaissance Man of the physical realm. The highly well-rounded generalist who surpasses all the specialists with the sheer breadth of their domain.

The manual contains a training program that is designed to allow you to get started working on the Enkiri Elite Conjugate System in relatively short order. Within a few hours of perusing the guide you will be up and running with your first steps. But it doesn't end there! With each passing day you will expand the depths of your training knowledge to levels that you never thought were possible. In time you will become a master of the system. You will learn how to work within it while also gaining control over it, bending it to YOUR WILL so that it suits you in the best way possible, even as your own personal goals evolve over time. You'll become Neo in the Matrix.

The system is malleable and highly adaptable to suit nearly any training goal you can think of. The more experience you gain with it the more possibilities you will be able to see with it. It's utility is nearly endless. The manual lends itself to many re-reads and will also make a fantastic reference piece many years down the road from now, as the information within the chapters extends far beyond the program itself. It is chock full of informative, golden tidbits and generalized training knowledge covering a whole host of realms that will take any student of the game and bring them several steps closer to becoming the ultimate master.


  • Two 6 week training blocks that can be run together or as stand alone training programs

  • Combines aspects of both the RPE system as well as the RIR system for optimal long term training success

  • Provides 3 different exercise rotation methods so that any level of trainee can thrive on the system

  • Teaches you how to auto-regulate for long term success as a self-coached athlete

  • Teaches you how to troubleshoot your training when progress slows down

  • Teaches you how to best utilize highly effective loaded carries & static holds to build DUMMY strength

  • Teaches you how to best utilize explosive work to accomplish a multitude of different athletic goals

  • Provides endless options for conditioning work to effectively train each different energy system in the body

  • Includes daily core and mobility protocols that can be done at home

  • Contains detailed performance notes for every training session

  • Contains over 350 categorized exercise selections to choose from (endless programming options!)

  • Contains an exercise index with over 200 demo videos and extra performance notes

  • 116 pages and over 33,000 words

  • A comprehensive training system. You will be referencing this piece for the remainder of your training career

Enjoy this one, guys! There is so much information crammed into this book/program that you'll be finding new value in it at every new stage you hit in your own journey and personal progression. I've taken pretty much everything I know and combined it into my own personal experiences with Louie's framework to create an old but new system that not only makes training constantly invigorating and fun as hell, but also makes it highly productive and teaches you how to get more out of less. I put everything I had into this book and I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone who purchases it is able to get more value from it than they ever could have imagined they would.


The last program you'll ever need! Designed for serious lifters and athletes who want to take their training to the next level. The ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Manual is the last stop when it comes to maximizing performance: massive strength, functional hypertrophy, explosive power, and hardcore conditioning!

  • 12 week, re-usable training template/program

  • 5 day per week upper/lower split

  • Over 150 different exercise selections to choose from

  • Two Distinct 6 Week Phases!

      • Block 1 for MASSIVE hypertrophy and HARDCORE conditioning!

      • Block 2 for MONSTER strength and SUPER EXPLOSIVE power!

  • Uses a combination of linear progression training, auto-regulated progression, AMRAP sets ("as many reps as possible"), giant sets, and multiple forms of density training!

  • Plenty of variety to build functional strength and enhance athleticism!

      • Includes key body weight calisthenics exercises, non-traditional implements such as kettlebells, sleds, and medicine balls, plenty of loaded carries, and a solid variety of movement based athletic activities and jumping variations!

      • Alternative options are also provided using traditional modalities (barbell, dumbbells, etc.)

  • Detailed performance instructions are provided along with video demonstrations and in-depth video tutorials.

  • Endless combination of possible programs!

This thing is a beast! Of all the programs I have released this one is the embodiment of how I train. This is the polished version of how I got to where I am today, and this is the style of training that I am absolutely the most passionate about. I truly hope that shows not only in the workings of the template itself, but also in the results that you see from it.


This is an intense, full body circuit workout that is designed for people with no prior weight training experience who want to get fit and healthy while losing some body fat and gaining a bit of muscle/strength in the process.

  • No experience required.

  • No bulky equipment required! All you need is a pair of dumbbells.

  • Can be done from anywhere! In your living room, at the gym, or even on the road in a hotel.

  • Can be tweaked to match your specific goal, whether that is gaining muscle, gaining strength, or losing body fat and enhancing conditioning/endurance.

  • Designed for busy people with busy lives - requires only 30-60 minutes to thoroughly work the whole body.

Finding Fitness! is designed for people who are brand new to the gym. No experience required. The only requirement is the desire to get fit and healthy. If this sounds familiar then this is the perfect workout plan for you!

  • The template is designed to teach you the basics of proper resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning while helping you to build a base of muscle, strength, and endurance through a simple, but highly optimized and intelligently designed workout routine geared towards improving overall physical fitness and building a lean and toned physique.

  • It is re-usable and contains over 50 different exercises to choose from to create your workout routine, which means you never have to perform the same program twice. The possible combinations are practically endless!

  • The program is set up with 3 full body workouts every week that will strengthen and tone the muscles of your lower and upper body, while also improving the capacity of your heart & lungs and shedding body fat through programmed endurance work.

Designed for trainees with less than 2 years of proper weight training experience. This training template will guide beginner trainees through the duration of the novice phase of their weight training career while helping them to maximize their beginner gains and build a solid initial base of strength, muscle, and power.

  • 16 week, re-usable training template/program

  • 3 full body training sessions per week with all of the sets, reps, weight progressions, and exercise prescriptions meticulously planned and laid out for you.

  • 80+ different exercises to choose from

  • All you have to do is fill in the template using the provided exercise selections for each category and you will be able to work your way through it as many times as you would like without ever having to repeat the same program twice.

Designed for trainees with 2 or more years of proper weight training experience. This training template designed to propel trainees who have just completed their novice phase of training through the majority of the intermediate stage of their weight training career while teaching them how to really push the envelope in terms of building lean mass, developing monstrous strength, and enhancing total body power and conditioning levels.

  • 16 week, re-usable training template/program

  • 4 day a week upper/lower split

  • Over 100 different exercise selections to choose from

  • Uses a carefully planned linear progression to continually spur progress for the duration of the program. The overall higher training volumes and exercise frequency make this template a great choice for athletes who have begun to adapt to a more simplistic, novice style of programming.

  • Makes for a great “home base” program that you can return to any time down the road to coax some more reliable, consistent, and steady progress, no matter how experienced you are.

  • All you have to do is fill in the template using the provided exercise selections for each category and you will be able to work your way through it as many times as you would like without ever having to repeat the same program twice.

The Intermediate Template also comes with a tracking spreadsheet (created by Armando Ruiz, one of my YouTube subscribers!) that is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The spreadsheet allows you to input your personal stats and it automatically fills in all the weights you will lift during the program from week 1 all the way to week 16 on all of the major exercises!

Designed for trainees with 2 or more years of proper training experience who have already progressed through some form of more basic intermediate style programming. This training template designed to push an intermediate athlete to the advanced stages of muscularity, strength, power, and conditioning.

  • 16 week, re-usable training template/program

  • 4 day a week upper/lower split

  • Over 100 different exercise selections to choose from

  • Uses an auto-regulated style of progression to allow for higher frequency of heavy lifts to satisfy the greater intensity levels that are needed to continually coax further adaptations at this stage of training. These high intensity efforts will build more muscle and develop more strength in athletes who already have a moderate amount of training experience.

  • Makes a fantastic complement to the standard Intermediate Template and alternating back and forth between those two programs is a great way to spur reliable progress for a very long time.

My pride and joy. This in-depth, 41 page manual is part template, part training program. It is a 20 week specialization program designed to maximize long term increases in bilateral vertical jumping ability, while also doubling as a complete training program for the entire body as well.

  • Lower body exercises are pre-selected to optimize the strength qualities necessary for maximizing jumping capability.

  • Upper body work is in template format so that the exercise selections may be determined by the athlete and their preferences.

  • I briefly discuss some of the science behind improving the vertical jump and provide in-depth explanations for why things are set-up the way they are.

  • Detailed performance instructions are provided for the more complicated and nuanced jumping exercises.

  • Video demonstration is provided to show the plyometric jumps and modified Olympic lifts in action for those who do better with a visual experience.

  • 20 week vertical jump specialization program with accompanying manual that teaches you everything you could possibly want to know about improving your vertical jump for maximal long term development.

  • Disclaimer: I refused to compromise the quality of the results here, so this program does contain a modified Olympic lift variation (the variation is left at the discretion of the trainee with recommendations being provided) as well as both low intensity and high intensity plyometric jumping exercises that require some equipment to perform (objects to use as hurdles, boxes to jump onto and off of, and a tall object to touch in order to measure jump height, e.g. a wall), as I believe these exercises produce the absolute best results when it comes to enhancing power development and maximizing vertical jump performance.

Bundle Packs

  • A bundle pack consisting of 2 different training templates: the 16 Week Novice Template & the 16 Week Intermediate Template.

  • This bundle is designed for new trainees who are committed to the process of completing their novice phase of training and working their way through the majority of their intermediate phase of training as well.

  • A $19 savings!

  • A bundle pack consisting of 2 different training templates: the 16 Week Intermediate Template & the 16 Week Late-Intermediate Template.

  • This bundle is designed for intermediate trainees who are ready to push their levels of strength, muscular development, and power to the next level and finally reach the advanced stages of their training career.

  • A $29 savings!

  • A bundle pack consisting of 3 different training templates: the 16 Week Novice Template, the 16 Week Intermediate Template, and the 16 Week Late-Intermediate Template.

  • Together these 3 templates comprise a complete multi-year system of training that will take any new trainee from novice trainee to exceptionally advanced athlete in the most efficient manner possible.

  • A $48 savings!

Please note that due to the digital nature of the coaching services and training programs I cannot offer any refunds on products that have been purchased or services that have been rendered.