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A Roadmap to Size, Strength, and Athleticism

The Enkiri Elite take on the classic Conjugate System! Inspired by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell fame. This all inclusive manual contains a comprehensive system of training designed to teach athletes of all levels how to maximize their strength, muscularity, and athleticism through a holistic, big picture view of the process of building elite levels of well rounded fitness. 

The last program you'll ever need! Designed for serious lifters and athletes who want to take their training to the next level. The ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Manual is the last stop when it comes to maximizing performance: massive strength, functional hypertrophy, explosive power, and hardcore conditioning!

Designed for trainees with less than 2 years of proper weight training experience. This training template will guide beginner trainees through the duration of the novice phase of their weight training career while helping them to maximize their beginner gains and build a solid initial base of strength, muscle, and power.

Designed for trainees with 2 or more years of proper weight training experience. This training template designed to propel trainees who have just completed their novice phase of training through the majority of the intermediate stage of their weight training career while teaching them how to really push the envelope in terms of building lean mass, developing monstrous strength, and enhancing total body power and conditioning levels. 

Designed for trainees with 2 or more years of proper training experience who have already progressed through some form of more basic intermediate style programming. This training template designed to push an intermediate athlete to the advanced stages of muscularity, strength, power, and conditioning. 

My pride and joy. This in-depth, 41 page manual is part template, part training program. It is a 20 week specialization program designed to maximize long term increases in bilateral vertical jumping ability, while also doubling as a complete training program for the entire body as well.

This is an intense, full body circuit workout that is designed for people with no prior weight training experience who want to get fit and healthy while losing some body fat and gaining a bit of muscle/strength in the process. 

Finding Fitness! is designed for people who are brand new to the gym. No experience required. The only requirement is the desire to get fit and healthy. If this sounds familiar then this is the perfect workout plan for you!

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