How Should YOU Grip The Bar During a Front Squat?


Alec Enkiri | 6/7/23

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How Should YOU Grip The Bar During a Front Squat?

What grip should you use to front squat? There are 4 main ways you can grip the bar during a front squat, each slightly different from the other. Check out the video down below to see the 4 different styles in action!

1. The clean grip is the classic front rack position used to catch heavy cleans. This requires a tremendous degree of thoracic strength and mobility as well as lat and wrist mobility to pull off well. It also builds these qualities.

2. The clean grip with straps requires pretty much the same amount of capacity through the thoracic region as the classic clean grip does, but it reduces the needs for lat and wrist mobility quite substantially.

3. The zombie style (no hands) removes nearly all the requirements for lat and wrist mobility and reduces the need for thoracic mobility while increasing the strength demands on the thoracic extensors. It simultaneously demands a nearly technically perfect front squat

4. The cross arm grip ("bodybuilder style" front squat) accomplishes pretty much the same thing as the zombie style front squat but it gives you a little bit more leeway in terms of execution because your hands are still sitting on the bar and keeping it stable on the shoulders.

Each grip provides its own unique benefits! Use the ones that help YOU get the most out of this awesome movement!

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