Do 1 Arm Hangs for GORILLA Grip Strength & Healthy Shoulders 

(Peep My 110lbs 1 Arm Hang!) 

Alec Enkiri | 6/22/23

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Just Monkeying Around! 🦍

Here's an easy way to train your grip strength that never really gets mentioned: static hanging! In the clip below I'm demonstrating a solid one arm hang of about 20 seconds per arm with an additional 110lbs hanging from my torso.

Hanging with one arm is an impressive skill that most fully grown adults LACK, which is sad because most of us are capable of it when we're kids. We play on the monkey bars and we naturally develop solid grip strength and maintain good shoulder mobility in the process, but as we get older and stop playing we LOSE these qualities.

Hanging as a means of developing grip strength kills two birds with one stone

If you do embark on this journey you should incorporate a mix of both two arm hanging and one arm hanging (when you are ready for it), and don't be afraid to add extra weight when you start getting comfortable up there. Just be cautious and start slow and small with the one arm hangs as they do place a tremendous amount of stress through the shoulder and the elbow of the working arm, and doing too much too soon will potentially lead to some issues. Better yet, just go out to the park and do the monkey bars again! The dynamic swinging component to that is also beneficial for shoulder health as stabilizing these movements builds a unique type of strength that one does not get the opportunity to train while in the gym. 

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