3 EPIC Split Squat Variations

You've NEVER Seen Before (TRY 'EM OUT!)

Alec Enkiri | 4/26/23

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3 EPIC Split Squat Variations You've NEVER Seen Before (TRY 'EM OUT!) πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ₯‚Β 

Here are 3 different types of Hatfield split squats. Each one targets the hips and knees in just a slightly different way.

Deficits allow for greater range of motion at the hips and knees. They should be graded to the individual. The ones demonstrated in this short video are rather large.

Remember, with these Hatfield variations the goal is not to PULL with the arms, but rather to gain stability that allows you to overload these unilateral patterns in a way that you cannot do with traditional unilateral exercises. As far as single leg work goes I find these variations to be the most fun, most challenging, and most productive of all. Good luck!

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