Why You Should Train Just ONE LIFT A Day

The Surprising Method for MASSIVE GAINS

Alec Enkiri | 12/15/23

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The One Lift a Day Program (OLAD)

Sometimes life just gets the better of you! You get overwhelmed with your responsibilities outside of the gym and you simply don't have the time or the energy to put in ballbusting training sessions inside the gym. But you certainly don't want to stop training altogether!


By cutting out absolutely all of the fluff from your program you can still make fantastic progress in the gym even at the busiest and most highly stressful points in your life. And this program is exactly as it sounds: pick a few big, basic lifts covering as many major movement patterns as possible, and hammer just ONE LIFT per training session. If you are thoughtful with how you structure things, you utilize intelligent progression schemes, and you are willing to work hard for just a brief period of time each day then you can make some pretty damn impressive gains here that will carry you through difficult periods of time in your life where in the past you may have stopped lifting altogether. Remember, even a LITTLE BIT of something is a heck of a lot better than a WHOLE LOT of nothing.

Part of what makes this method so potent is the psychological effect that it has. When we are mentally weary and beat down staring down the gauntlet at an entire workout can seem a very daunting task, but it is not very daunting to think that you only have to go into the gym and do one single thing no matter how tired you may feel (mentally, physically, or otherwise).

This keeps compliance high. As well, the sessions are brief which can often have a recharging effect. Once you start to notice that you are becoming energized by the work you are doing and that the work doesn't take all that long to get done, you will likely find yourself pushing the singular exercise very hard each day, which leads to productive work getting done. Add this up over the course of a few weeks or a few months and you will likely be very pleasantly surprised at how much progress can be made this way.

Use this One Lift a Day method to carry you through difficult times without losing any of your hard fought gains. Good luck! 

The OLAD method explained in detail

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