Diy tib bar for kneesovertoesguy!

Super Easy and Costs Just $20!

Alec Enkiri | 4/12/21

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DIY Tib Bar!

In order to further my athletic goals I've been wanting to give the tibialis raise a try after seeing it introduced in KneesOverToesGuy's videos, but the Tib Bar he uses is a little bit pricey. So I decided to put together a DIY version so I could have the best of both worlds! This DIY Tib Bar can be put together in about 5 minutes and uses parts that can be purchased at any hardware store for just about $20! After that you just need one semi-large plate to use as a foot platform, and then some smaller plates to incrementally load the implement with and that's literally it!

Parts List

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Assembly and Use

Check out this quick 60 second short clip on my YouTube channel to see how to assemble and use the DIY tib bar. It's super simple to put together, it's super easy to load, and it feels pretty damn smooth while you're using it! I'm excited to progress on this exercise and see how my knees and ankles feel as my dorsiflexion strength improves, as well as if I am able to make further improvements in speed and jumping ability!

I hope you guys enjoy the DIY tib bar! And I will keep you posted on my progress!

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