You Should Be Doing More PUSH-UPS

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Alec Enkiri | 10/22/23

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You Should Be Doing More PUSH-UPS!

Pushups make you big and strong and the variety you can get from them is pretty much endless.

Push-ups offer nearly endless variation, they are immensely accessible in their most basic forms (zero equipment required and can be done anywhere!), and they can be used to satisfy nearly any training goal for the upper body pressing muscles (strength focus, explosive power focus, hypertrophy focus, muscular endurance focus, etc.

Push-ups teach you to become a master of your own body weight. They are a closed chain pressing movement that can be used as an integral part of maintaining healthy shoulders through a lifetime of training. They also double as a fantastic anti-extension core exercise as the entire movement is essentially one long plank - the intensity of which can become quite pronounced when you start adding external load into the mix. The moral of the story is...


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