Why a Lifting Belt is a REQUIREMENT for Maximizing Your Gains

Mario Rios is WRONG ❌️

Alec Enkiri | 11/3/23

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Why A Lifting Belt Matters

What if I told you that a weightlifting belt is actually a REQUIREMENT for maxing out your gains in the gym? And isn't an overrated concept at all!

Belt bashing has become quite a popular phenomenon in recent history, but there's no denying the fact that a properly used, high quality lifting belt allows you to either:

Thereby creating a stronger training stimulus for the body to adapt to and build off of. Over time, consistently imposing this stronger stimulus is going to create a cascade effect of gains that compound and build off of each other.

More weight and more reps = more strength and more muscle.

If you never use a belt you never tap into this phenomenon, and so in essence you are willfully choosing not to max out your genetic potential in the gym. If you truly want to maximize your gains you need to learn how to properly use a belt.

They don't "make your abs weak."

They don't increase your risk of injury when the belt comes off.

They DO give you the potential for better gains.

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