You Should Be Doing More CHIN-UPS!

Alec Enkiri | 11/17/23

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Some Sage Advice For Ya

Many meatheads put way too much emphasis on PUSHING exercises, but they never really attack their PULLING exercises with quite the same level of fervor.Β 

Chin-ups and pullups allow you to become a master of moving your body weight through space. Enhancing relative strength and providing a humbling litmus test that forces you to keep body composition in check over the years as you gain size. Get too fat and you start to get really bad at moving your own weight around.

But if you attack these movements progressively with equal intensity as your presses then you can actually get really strong at them too. One could easily argue that a strong back is a much surer path to building a real world functional physique than a strong chest is. So if you want to become a true badass...


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