Do HEAVY Kettlebell Swings For INSANE Explosiveness 

Alec Enkiri | 3/15/23

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Do HEAVY Kettlebell Swings For INSANE Explosiveness

The kettlebell swing is an amazing exercise, unfortunately it's usually viewed primarily as a conditioning tool, where light swings are done for high reps. BUT when you actually load it up heavy the swing becomes an almost unparalleled builder of hip extension power, explosiveness, and posterior chain resilience

The hamstrings are forced into a massive and rapid stretch, they must seamlessly absorb the entirety of this enormous force, and then reverse it and spit it back out in kind without missing a beat. Heavy swings build power and explosiveness in the hip extensors, they improve force absorption capability, they cultivate the stretch reflex in the hamstrings, and they build an overall solid and resilient posterior chain.

So try loading 'em up! Make sure you execute a clean hinge, get a big hammie stretch at the bottom, crisp and sharp hip extension, and achieve adequate pulling height. With these pieces in place you can load up your swings and build MONSTROUS levels of power! Happy swinging!

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