"In terms of engagement and follow up your online coaching service is the best I've had so far. Also the training structure is very outstanding and covers my needs exactly!"

-Abdulla E.

comprehensive coaching (1 on 1 training)

Full time clients have their training overseen 100% of the time every step of the way! You get all of these benefits and more!

Fully customized training plan

            • Full time clients receive all of their training programming fully customized to their current capabilities and future goals (every exercise, set, rep, and weight that they will lift) in 6 week blocks with tweaks and adjustments made to the program on a weekly basis as needed (an overlooked aspect of programming, but making the correct audibles at the correct time is probably one of the most important components of long term training success).

Technique analysis

            • Lifting technique is monitored on a weekly basis with recommendations for improvement made as needed. I clearly break down any form inefficiencies and provide clear cut goals for us to work towards, as well as offer a variety of mental cues to help expedite the improvement process.

Text Access

            • Full time clients are free to message me at any time to share training footage or if they have any questions, concerns, or curiosities regarding their training program or the general plan for their training moving forward, and I will respond as soon as I am able. I prefer WhatsApp and Telegram for daily communication purposes and sharing training footage!

If you have purchased a comprehensive coaching package please fill out my prospective client questionnaire (downloadable at the bottom of this page) and email the completed form to me at enkiri.elite@gmail.com. I will be in contact with you within 24 hours regarding the next steps. Please use your real email address during checkout so that I can get in contact with you!

        • 6 weeks: $349.00

        • 12 weeks: $599.00

              • Introductory Rate! First time clients get $100 off their first 12 weeks of coaching.

        • 24 Weeks $1099.00

Financing is available through PayPal! (US Customers only)

  • Pay $0 up front with NO INTEREST if you pay the balance off in full in 6 months using PayPal Credit

  • OR split the payment up into 4 equal payments using the Pay in 4 option

  • Simply select the "Pay Later" option below

We also accept Venmo! Payment for online coaching can be sent to EnkiriElite.

Prospective Client Questionnaire


Please note that due to the digital nature of the coaching services and training programs I cannot offer any refunds on products that have been purchased or services that have been rendered.