How To Bulletproof Your Lower Back & Build BRUTAL Strength

(Heavy FULL ROM Good Mornings!)

Alec Enkiri | 10/6/23

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Strength, Mobility, and a Bulletproof Back

Most people butcher the good morning exercise by either turning it into a power curtsy with minimal range of motion or by using excessive knee bend and effectively tuning it into a quarter squat. But when executed correctly the good morning is one of the purest hinging exercises in existence, and the location of the weight creates a massive lever arm that needs to be overcome.

This provides a unique opportunity to emphasize lower back strength and resilience, while also building massive size, end range strength, and mobility through the hamstrings and glutes. Ensuring that you use a full range of motion here is the key point. 

When performed this way the exercise will enhance posterior chain mobility while also bulletproofing the lower back and hamstrings by building massive strength at and range. 

My goal is to get the torso parallel with the floor in the bottom position before I turn the lift around.

You should build into this range of motion over time. Start with VERY LIGHT weight and start with a manageable range of motion. Build the range of motion first over the course of a few weeks or even months, and once you are comfortable moving through this full range of motion THEN you can start to slowly build up the weight.

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