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Squat Mobility: Simple Trick For Deeper Squats

Alec Enkiri | 2/13/23

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A Simple Drill For Smoother and Deeper Squats

Mobility work doesn't necessarily have to be as complicated or as lengthy as we often make it out to be. Shown below is a drill called "prying," and just 3 or 4 of this little drill is all I needed to work my way up to a DEEP 335lbs front squat off of pins.

I like to start out by coming up on my toes and driving my knees all the way Forward, really getting that VMO stretched out and limbered up, and getting the knees ready for some deep flexion under load. After that I sit down into a deep squat position to begin mobilizing the hips, and this is really where the prying aspect comes into the picture as the hips have so many degrees of freedom and a multitude of different functions. By wiggling about from side to side, and rotating around a little bit as well, we're able to find some of the more closed off or restricted areas and limber up the hips through several of those different functions in a controlled fashion.

Move around like this for a few minutes until the deep squat position starts to feel loose and comfortabl. Then finish up with 30 or 40 or even 50 air squats to ensure a perfectly smooth and deep squat pattern that is ready to be loaded. Good luck!

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