alec's blog

Welcome to my blog! I'll be updating this regularly with whatever random thoughts are on my mind at the time. It will mostly be fitness/weight training related topics that haven't been fully fleshed out into proper articles, but I'll also be diving into more of the thought processes behind my own training/training philosophies and how that continues to evolve from year to year, fitness goals that I'd like to accomplish this upcoming year and beyond, I'll be detailing a few delicious recipes that make up a staple part of my own diet, and I'll occasionally touch on other random topics and things that I find interesting (psychology and how it relates to weight training, theories I have about training, rants about whatever, etc. - nothing is off limits here!).

A collection of some of my favorite recipes! Some quick and easy, others a bit more involved, but all of which are freaking delicious as well as healthy and will not only help to power you through your hard training sessions, but also just through your day to day life as well!

These staple meals can be used whether your goal is to build muscle, become brutally strong, get insanely shredded, or just be as overall fit, healthy, and energetic as you can possibly be!