Do Ab Rollouts AT ANY GYM With No Ab Wheel


Alec Enkiri | 5/17/23

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Do Ab Rollouts ANYWHERE!

"But I don't have an ab wheel"


Everyone has access to an ab wheel, and pretty much everyone should be taking advantage of that fact by becoming a master of the anti-extension pattern. I've got a video planned for this Friday where I talk about why I think ab rollouts are the missing link in most people's fitness programs

By loading a barbell with a small amount of weight you are able to create a makeshift ab wheel that provides greater stability than a true ab wheel, and also often creates a very smooth rolling pattern as well! Although this aspect is somewhat dependent on the specific bar you are using (cheap bars will never roll as smoothly as better bard because the sleeves are made more cheaply and don't spin as well).

Personally I just use one of my $100 beater bars that I've had forever and it works just swimmingly. So if you have been skipping your rollouts because you "don't have an ab wheel" be sure to give this a try and start reaping the benefits of this awesome exercise ASAP!Β 

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