Training and Fitness Consultations

Book a training consultation with me!

  • 30 minutes: $99.00

  • 60 minutes: $199.00

We can chat about whatever fitness or training related topics you wish during this time, and I will help guide you towards the best path for achieving your particular goals. Please fill out the brief questionnaire below and email it to me at before our chat. You are also free to send me a list of any other questions you may have beforehand. This is helpful because the more info I have going into the chat the more quality info I will be able to provide you in return during our time.

Options for training consultations: Zoom, Skye, or WhatsApp phone call. Just let me know your preference when we are scheduling.

If you have purchased a Training Consultation please fill out the brief questionnaire downloadable at the bottom of this page and email the completed form to me at I will be in contact with you within 24 hours after payment has been received regarding scheduling the consultation. Please use your real email address during checkout so that I can get in contact with you!

Consultation Questionnaire

Consultation Questionnaire.doc