should you do jerks?

4 Key Benefits For NON Olympic Weightlifters

Alec Enkiri | 7/4/22

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Why would you do jerks if you aren't an Olympic weightlifter?

The movement can be complicated and requires practice and precision to pull off well, but it offers some pretty cool benefits for those who take the time to become moderately proficient at it.  Here are 4 key benefits!

Every time you do a jerk you are basically executing a max effort loaded jump. This builds power in the legs. Something you can never have too much of.

Maximal intent not only builds power (locally), but it also supercharges the nervous system. Muscles learn to fire harder and faster. The machinery of the body becomes sharper and more efficient. You teach yourself how to become wiry by practicing it.

The movement ties the lower body and upper body together. The weight moves through the upper body with force generated by the lower body. The two must learn how to work as a synchronized unit with no energy leaks through the core on the way there. Another valuable skill to possess.

Holding heavy weights overhead is not an easy thing to do. It requires great strength, stability, and mobility of the shoulder joints, along with adequate mobility through the thoracic extensors, as well as tremendous core strength. Being able to move these muscles and joints like this will keep your upper body limber and your shoulders healthy and strong. In my experience, positioning improves organically over time along with efficiency. The torso becomes strong and rigid like a steel beam.

Am I saying everyone should do this exercise? No, of course not. But if you think it looks cool and you want to learn it then it does offer some very real benefits that will transfer over into every day life. The exercise doesn't just have to be for Olympic lifters and athletes. With a little diligence it can be accessible and beneficial for average Joes as well. Happy jerking! 


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