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"I purchased a custom program from Enkiri Elite Fitness and was pleasantly surprised by how detailed and personalized it was. I've worked with several other online coaches before, and Alec was by far the most knowledgeable and professional.

As an added bonus, I can jump super high now."

-Matt Scillitani 

"I wish I reached out to Alec far sooner than I did, I wouldn't have spun my own wheels going nowhere as long as I did! Basically I've been strength training HARD for the last few years, and eventually dug myself into the ground with joint pain and dysfunctional movement patterns in both the upper and lower body. I'm not just some beginner who had no clue what he was doing, but this truly was a situation that I could not make any sense of.

I needed to reach out to somebody who I could trust, somebody who's personally been down the path I've gone, but made it through to the other side. Eventually I realized that Alec was that guy. Let me tell you, 3-4 months ago I was in a serious rock bottom in terms of how my body was feeling. I write this today, 11/4/21 in a completely new body and mind. We have practically resolved all upper body pains, and we are even on the cusp of setting lifetime PRs in upper body strength without even hitting a real strength block yet. We have made huge strides forward in lower body pain and mobility that I never even imagined I could reach. It's been worth every penny."

-Matt Vegh

"Been working with Alec for 18 weeks at this point and it has been the best decision I made in terms of my training progress. I was originally following a Jeff Nippard program on my own and had been training with weights for a few years but never really received the formal technique training other than watching videos. After the first few sessions under his guidance it was clear that I really needed to dial back and relearn some of the fundamentals on the big lifts and now I am really proud of the progress I have made since starting 18 weeks ago. I feel like he as a coach is helping me unlock my true potential that I didn't know how to access on my own. He is also great at communication once videos have been sent his way and we work together to really dial in anything that needs to be adjusted. I highly recommend his services."

-Derek Januskis

"Alec is one of the most knowledgeable coaches out there. I have been working with him for several months now and his service has been really professional and of high standards. If you are serious about making gains then he is your man."

-Ansh Baral

"After wasting almost two years spinning my wheels with useless programs by Athlean-X, I have wanted to try something different. After finding Alec's youtube channel, he opened my eyes to what athletic training is truly about. I wanted to try his coaching services because he seems very knowledgeable and his results speak for itself. In just 6 months, he was able to bring my deadlift from 295lbs to 420 lbs for an easy single. I have gotten noticeably stronger and bigger with the one year I worked with him than I ever have and I am the strongest that I have ever been despite a bad injury that had set me back for 6 months.

He really cares about his clients and their progress. He analyzes their lifts and form, picks exercises that addresses their individual weak links, and picks exercises that will help whatever their goal is, whether it is hypertrophy, strength, power, athleticism, etc. I've been with him for over a year now and I have no plans to change anytime soon. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about their training."


"I utilized Alec’s Explosive Training Template, and even after a short time use I can see tangible gains regarding my fitness goals. Alec is legit and possesses a wellspring of knowledge. I highly recommend checking out his training templates and channel."

-Matthew Carmel

"I have been working with Alec for a long time and I couldn't be happier with the results and experience. If you're serious about building strength, power, or being an all around athlete give Alec's online coaching services a try!"

-Fernando Garza Conde

"As a fitness coach/PT, I always look to work with the best in the industry to learn from them practically as much as possible. I've been coached online by TSA, Renaissance Periodization, Barbell medicine, Jordan Shallow, and more.

Lately I started working with Alec and I was very impressed! High-quality science-based programs, great communications, amazing customer service, never missing a deadline and always on time.

This, without a doubt, was one of the best online coaching services I've ever tried."

-Abdulla Al-Emadi

"Alec's custom program was extremely detailed and fit exactly my goals. I would definitely recommend to anyone who if currently struggling to plan out their fitness goals and is looking for expert help. Alec will provide you a week by week training protocol complete with progressions, exercises guides, and every other bit of information you need."

-Mihir Sathuvalli

"Thanks to Alec my son has made huge gains in his training. He's 16 and he now benches 320lbs and squats 430. He was literally tossing olinemen around like ragdolls and one of the best LBS on the field and he's only 5ft8. On top of that his speed has improved greatly. Will be purchasing another custom program to get more gains on his speed. Can't thank Alec enuff."

-Troy Tufele

"Alec will tailor a workout program just for your needs, he is very thorough about what equipment is available to you. I would recommend Alec for training any day. He is the first trainer I have felt this way about, and I have been weight training for 10 years."

-Phillip Porter

"Alec has been providing great information for years that I have incorporated into my own training with great results. After a while of watching his free videos I purchased 2 of his template training programs. And whatever questions I had about them were either answered within a few hours or at most the next day. And they were answered in clearly understood ways. He’s a very positive representative of the fitness community. Wish we had more like him."


"One of the most underrated channels. Someone who doesnt talk the talk but walk the walk. Alec offers rock solid info and his honest no bs form critique had me take 1 step back but like 8 steps forward on my lifts. Squat and Deadlift are in a really good place right now thanks to him. Way better than Athlean X."

"One of the best online coaches with tons of training knowledge especially when it comes to program design. I'm really happy with the progress I made with Alec and will continue to work with him."

-Abdulla A

"Ordering and communicating with Enkiri Elite Fitness was streamline and easy. The Ultimate Performance Manual has been methodically thought out, with plenty of detail, advice and just the right level of player selection for choosing my own athletic fitness adventure. All of it is neatly set out in a well balanced and organised document, and no unnecessary fluff."

"Just finished the novice 16 week strength and hypertrophy program. Good 3 day full body program focusing on compound lifts with progressions. Achieved good gains in strength."

-Deryk Kozuh

"Extremely competent coach. Will help you achieve your goals. Unparalleled breadth of knowledge from lifting to general fitness. Highly recommended."

-Juma Bin Shabib

"Very very good coach, went from having back pain after every workout to almost deadlifting 2.5BW in the span of a year and a half. Worth every penny."

-Shabib Bin Shabib

"He is extremely precessional and honest. Moreover he understands his job. He has good conceptual clarity. And for the layperson he makes complex things simple. He is an awesome person."

-Aman Aman

"One of the best natties on Youtube, and extremely impressive response times. Great customer service, I never had to wait longer than 3 hours for an email response."

-Phill Ebben

"Provides the best training templates out there! They really deliver the best results!"

-Armando Ruiz

"Your coaching is worth every penny man. I love it!"

-Abdulla E

"I just wanted to say I smashed my comp and really really improved. 

I was able to pull a 495lbs 18inch deadlift which was my goal. I smashed the Viking press. Did amazing on the sandbag run and load (32 seconds down to 20 seconds!). I even set a PR on my atlas stone loading the 240lb stone, and while I couldn't load it, I was able to lap the 285lb stone.

Thank you again! I cant wait to work with you again."

-Sean M.

"Hey Alec, just wanted to update you and thank you for the amazing program. I'm 4 weeks in and I can definitely see a lot of changes in my body! It's absolutely insane!"

-Mohammad, Dubai

"Alec single handedly changed my entire perspective on strength training from something that only fat powerlifter guys do to how much it translates into real athleticism and explosive training. Now I feel soo much stronger and more athletic than I ever have after just 6 short months. I look forward to seeing what kind of progress we'll make in just 6 more months!"


"Hey man I just finished your 16 week intermediate strength/power program. Overall I went from a 425 to 475 on squat, 265 to 295 on bench, and 525 to 565 on deadlift. Really happy and just wanted to say thanks. I enjoy your YT content, keep it coming!"

-Dylan, Korea

"Out of everyone I've had to come to for progression in my journey, you were the only one who has ever given me true progress. I already told my karate instructor and the trainer at my gym that I'm only going to follow your advice when it comes to anything with strength training. So everything you tell me to do I'll follow to the letter!"

-Joey L.

"Hello Alec, I purchased your intermediate programming template about eight weeks ago and I'm currently seven weeks in. I would like to personally say thank you, since your programming actually works/because I am progressively overloading at a reasonable and fulfilling rate. I am making progress, such as being able to squat two and a half plates for several sets of five, and benching a plate and a half for several sets of five (compared to a year ago I could only squat a tad bit less than two plates and benching barely a plate) and steadily increasing the overall QUALITY of my explosive movements (power clean & jerk, power snatch, etc). Thank you for helping me progress in only seven weeks, for a guy who purchased (overpaid) programs from a certain <physical therapist> and <strength coach> and used his <"good"> training methods for several years hitting unnecessary plateaus."

-Hiep, Chicago

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for the great program you wrote me about a year ago. I used it as written for multiple months and I've been using it as a rough template since then. My squat has grown to a beefy 175kg from 135, my deadlift is at 195kg from 145, Bench press 100kg touch and go --> 130kg pause, OHP 50 -->almost 80kg. My strength increase has been incredible and I've had a lot of hypertrophy to go with it. I am the strongest and most muscular 19 year old I know and you are largely responsible for that, so thank you."

-Stef T

"I contacted Alec about improving my 40-yard dash and vertical jump. Alec designed me a program that I could perform while continuing my powerlifting training. On Alec's program, my powerlifting numbers have continued to rise and my sprints and jumps have improved immensely. Alec was very prompt in responding to my questions and put a lot of work into getting to know my needs and abilities as a client. I would definitely recommend his training services.

I have really enjoyed all the sled training and explosive work. I just feel some much more powerful overall; running, and in the weight room. The high-pulls and kettlebell swings I think have really improved my bar speed on my squats, and my squats have just been flying up out of the hole. My squat is now comfortably in the mid 400s and I feel like I'm zoning in on a 500lbs squat, which is a huge milestone for me. The other day I decided to test my standing broad jump (which I don't train at all). I tested it about a year ago and I could jump just under 8 feet, which is good but not that great. When I tested it a few weeks ago I hit 9 feet 6 inches easily which is pretty insanely good for something I don't train. Obviously my improvement in vertical jumping has improved my jumps and explosiveness overall. I'm also excited to see how this new-found power improves my hockey play this winter.  "

-James, Ontario

"I've been working with Alec for about 6 months now. My goal is to compete in a powerlifting meet one day and officially join the 1000 pound club. When Alec and I first started working together I was able to squat 225 pounds, bench 180 pounds, and deadlift 275 pounds. But after finishing up my last training cycle I hit personal bests of 275 for 3 reps on the squat, 200 for 5 reps on the bench, and 315 pounds for 3 reps on the deadlift. I can't wait to test my lifts next cycle and I think I'm going to be hitting that 1000 pound total really soon too. I'm definitely going to continue working with Alec for the foreseeable future!"

-Justin, San Antonio

“I was very satisfied with Alec’s program he gave me. He listened to exactly what my goals were and where I wanted to improve, which was to increase my 40 yard dash and my bench press, while also gaining in general strength, size and athleticism. By the end of the 12 week program my 40 yard dash time improved by 0.22 seconds and my bench press increased by 35lbs. I’m very glad I made the decision to get Alec’s help with my athletic goals.”

-Josh, Saskatchewan

"If motivation, strength and a personal approach is what you’re looking for in a PT, then Alec Enkiri is the man for you! 

I was in need of a strength program to get my numbers up with my front squat to get a better clean and press. Alec was able to understand my goals and helped me with a strength program that also includes exercises and routines I enjoy the most in my training. 

Alec provides the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for achieving your own personal goals.

What I like about Alec is that he knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and strength goals."

Daniel, Manhattan

"I discovered Alec through his YouTube channel and after following his videos for a few months and being very impressed with both his level of knowledge as well as his own results, I decided to purchase a 16 week training program from him. Alec was very professional throughout the process. His responses to my questions were always prompt and he gathered plenty of background info from me so he could tailor the training program specifically to my situation and my goals. After running the program I'm up 10 pounds on the scale while being noticeably leaner and all of my lifts have increased tremendously. I'm very happy I made the decision to go with one of Alec's programs and I'll definitely be using his coaching services again in the future."

-John, Maryland

"I play volleyball at a competitive level so I'm always looking for ways to jump higher so I can really slam the ball. After stumbling across Alec's YouTube channel last year I decided to try out his vertical jump program and I have to say that the results have far and beyond exceeded my expectations. Not only did I manage to increase my vertical jump by 7 inches during my preseason testing, but my squat went up 50 pounds, my power clean went up 30 pounds, and my upper body lifts all increased too. I highly recommend Alec's vertical jump program if you need to jump higher for your sport or just want to be more explosive in general."

-Roberto, Tuscany

"I contacted Alec out of curiosity about a custom built plan, halfway expecting an automated reply. To my surprise, Alec responded very quickly, and was extremely professional. I purchased a 16 week program, and was extremely impressed. Not only did Alec take my previous injuries into consideration, he wrote the program around them, and included a custom warmup routine for me. Very early into the program, the body fat started melting off, and the weight on the bar kept increasing. The introduction of more explosive exercises definitely helped improve my overall performance in the weight room, and made me a more explosive lifter. After completing the program, I'm down 25lbs, and my deadlift is up 45lbs."

-Dallas, Pennsylvania

"I contacted Alec a few months before the football season for a customized training program specifically to improve my 40 yard dash and standing broad jump. Last year I ran 4.73 seconds and jumped 9 feet 3 inches, but after running the 12 week program Alec wrote for me I was able to improve those numbers dramatically and this year I ran a 4.55 on the 40 and jumped 10 feet! A huge milestone! Alec listened to what my goals were and he took into account my strengths and weaknesses and factored all that stuff into the program he wrote for me. That thoroughness clearly shows itself with the results I was able to get. I would highly recommend Alec's coaching services for anyone looking to improve their athletic performance."

-David, Atlanta

"The program was very sensibly structured and it was delivered fairly quickly. All the major movement patterns were covered adequately. It really helped me improve every single one of my lifts, i went from doing bodyweight chinups to repping out a 20kg dumbell between my legs, my overhead press went from 40kg for 5 to 60kg for 5, my squat and deadlift gained 15kg each and my bench press 12.5kg. During the duration of the program (i followed it for 6-7 months) i gained around 3-4kg of muscle mass. I feel like it was the perfect option for me since it didnt only help me short term to gain strength and muscle mass, but it also taught me what a well made program looks and feels like."

-Stefanos, Greece

"I found Alec when I was still a newbie in the gym. I had been working out for a few months but I felt like I wasn't making very good progress and I really just wasn't sure how to proceed. So I decided to buy a 12 week program from Alec along with a form check for my squat and my deadlift and I was very impressed with what I got. With the program everything was laid out for me very clearly and there was never any question about what I needed to do or when I needed to do it, and the form checks were incredibly thorough and helpful. Now not only have all my lifts increased considerably but I'm also noticeably more muscular when I look in the mirror and I'm way more confident in my lifting form as well. I can give it my all in the gym now and not have to worry about hurting myself. Thanks a lot!"

Mike, Boise 

"After not working out for the last 10 years and putting on a few extra layers, I decided a few months ago it was finally time to get in shape again. I really wanted to commit to it this time so I decided to buy one of Alec's 16 week programs to keep myself accountable. My main goals are to lose this extra fat and put on a bit of muscle and this is exactly what Alec has helped me to do. So far I'm down 20 pounds! I just started my second time going through his program and I'm starting to be able to see my abs again and my muscles are way more defined too. I'm very happy that I decided to use Alec's training services to help me achieve my goals."

-Patrick, Denver         

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