Eugene Teo Is An Edge Lord

"Barbells are the most overrated and overused implement out there" πŸ™„

My response video to the recent inflammatory clickbait video published by Eugene Teo: "Why I Stopped Doing Barbell Exercises & You Should Too."Β 

Unless you are already advanced then you should probably ignore these notions altogether, and even if you are advanced, I still don't agree with much of what he has concluded here. I think that if these exercises are so problematic for you then you are probably not training well or not eating your metaphorical vegetables. But when you're advanced, you can do whatever the hell you want man. You can bend the rules however you see fit and you have probably already figured out how to do that in the most optimal fashion for your own body...otherwise you wouldn't be advanced to begin with!

I find it humorous that these guys seems to forget where they came from, they forget the path they walked down to get to where they are and they act as if what they are doing TODAY is the reason why they are successful while ignoring what went on for the 10 years that came before it. Eugene stopped doing barbell work because he decided it was no longer optimal for him to continue to progress with.Β 

Should you stop doing that too?

It really depends on what your goals are and what stage of your training career you are in. If you have not yet built up a substantial base of strength and muscle then you are going to dramatically shortchange your long term progress by following this advice. That just is what it is. If you are ok with that then that is your prerogative, but you should understand the tradeoffs you are making if you decide to follow such counterintuitive and extreme blanket, advice such as this. The title should have been "why I stopped doing barbell exercises." Hard stop. No mention of you or I. I just don't like it when somebody ignores the context surrounding their own situation and uses that as a framework for putting out advice that is going to stifle the long term progress of the majority of people who hear that message and actually take it to heart.

What do you guys think?

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