Liver King is the CRINGE King

A Warning Against Excessive Liver Consumption

It seems that every few years a new "fitness influencer" emerges from the cesspool of social media to teach us how to truly live because everything we know is wrong. The newest, and most over the top, addition to this club is a man who calls himself "Liver King."

Liver King is a man who eats raw liver, raw testicle, and other raw organ meat, drinks blood, jumps in cold water, pretends to eschew modernism (while profiting off of it greatly), and in general makes a mockery of himself under the guise of being a hardcore badass, all while forcing his family to partake in these overly cringey and overly contrived moments for the sake of social media fame - with the end goal of selling more supplements.

Liver King is everything that is wrong with social media fitness. From his over the top demeanor, to his forced and staged behaviors, to the extremist narrative he promotes. Thus today, I propose a new name for Liver King, one that is much more appropriate given his behavior: CRINGE KING.Β 

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