You Can't Be Lean, Strong AND Natural!


Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X recently released a video titled "You Can't Be Lean, Strong AND Natural!" The premise of course being that you actually CAN achieve all 3 of those things (and I agree!) so long as you are willing to put in the proper amount of time to do so, which may be longer than if you were just trying to achieve 2 of those 3 goals at any given time (strong and lean....but not natural. Or strong and natural...but not lean. Or lean and natural...but not strong. You get the point).

Jeff cites his protégé, Jesse, as an example of someone who took his time and achieved all 3 of these goals, as Jesse is currently about 10% body fat while weighing 155 pounds and is the proud owner of a 515lbs deadlift. This is a very impressive feat of strength on Jesse's part, however, there are a few reasons why he is not necessarily the best example of ultimately having achieved this trifecta: lean, strong, natural. With those factors in mind, which are discussed in today's video, the logic Jeff employs and the road map that he lays out for you guys to follow is a suboptimal one for achieving this trifecta. It is, essentially, just another big YouTuber promoting the concept of "maingaining," which ultimately is going to leave many of you spinning your wheels and dissatisfied with your progress in the long run.

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