Jesse is STRONGER Than Athlean-X Because He Ignores His AdviceΒ 

"Breathe OUT and tighten DOWN. Contract your abs forcefully. Be conscious of how hard you're contracting your abs. Make sure that you've EXPELLED the should feel much more stable. The squat should feel much lighter."

I think we all remember that little gem of advice from Jeff Cavaliere of ATHLEAN-X DOTCOM. Well, it turns out Jesse is now a 500lbs deadlifter. I watched the video. It's real and it's impressive (unlike Jeff's "500lbs" deadlifts). And in watching the video of Jesse, the apprentice of Jeff Cavaliere who has now superseded the master, I noticed that Jesse ignores Jeff's breathing advice completely. He doesn't breathe OUT to deadlift 500 pounds. Instead, he breathes IN. He takes in air and he holds it throughout the entire lift.

So now my question has to be, if the main pupil of Athlean-X is ignoring the breathing advice he gives and by IGNORING that advice has been able to build his way up to being stronger than Jeff himself has ever been, why would any of you listen to that advice either? Why is that video even still public? It's a reckless take that is doing a disservice to the community and it is time for it to be removed.

New lifters stumble across Athlean-X when they start their journey. They hear Jeff tell them to breathe out because that video is still live. They either don't make progress or they simply hurt themselves because the advice he gives in that video is simply incorrect. Share this video and force Athlean-X to remove that take from the catalog so that this vicious cycle can finally be put to rest.

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