"Natties Need To Get Stronger, Enhanced Don't"

Fitness Myth!? (Mike Israetel RESPONSE!)

Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization recently released a video titled "Natties Need To Get Stronger, Enhanced Don't" as part of his fitness myths series! Is Dr. Mike suggesting that natties can build just as much muscle with fluff and pump work as they can with hard and heavy work on the tried and true compounds!? If so, the Noble Natties would like a word with you.

In all seriousness though, it was a highly informative video and I would encourage all of you to go watch it to get the full context. Its is linked below. That said, there were a few parts I found myself wanting to interject on as I watched Dr. Mike's video...so that's exactly what I did here! In today's video we discuss why strength work is needed as a support system for building muscle over the long haul, why Doug Miller (aka "Drug Miller") was a terrible example for Mike to use of a "natural" bodybuilder who "trains like a bro," the importance of building a base early in your training career and widening that base over time, and why the enhanced social media fitness community is to blame for the chasm between "natty" training and "enhanced" training that Mike laments in his video.

I hope you all enjoy the video, but most importantly of all I I hope you find it informative and helpful. If you enjoy videos like this please do remember to hit the like button and leave a comment on YouTube to help drive engagement with the YouTube algorithm. The engagement is really helpful for my channel. Thanks guy! Enjoy and have a great weekend. 

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