(And You Shouldn't Either!)

Powerlifting is the competitive endeavor of lifting the most weight possible for a single repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift under a (relatively) standardized set of rules as set forth by its governing bodies. The spirit of the endeavor is to get as strong as possible, and with that there are many positive benefits that occur - both through the training that is required as well as through competition itself: bigger and stronger muscles, increased bone density, heightened self-esteem, camaraderie with training partners (and even with competition!).

However, since it is also a competitive endeavor it also takes on a "win at all costs" mentality for many people. This is where we start to see some of the negative aspects of the sport rear its head: things like PED abuse, as well as taking mechanical leverage and technical efficiency to obscene degrees that are technically within the scope of the rules (but some might argue not within the spirit of the game).

With the sport's widespread proliferation in recent years it has become somewhat synonymous with "strength training" in gym culture across the world. This has led people who have no intention of ever even competing in the sport to train as if they are powerlifters, and while this can be a good thing in many respects we also have to acknowledge that there are shortcomings to this methodology. If we acknowledge these shortcomings we can extract the greatest value from the endeavor while avoiding most of the potential negatives/pitfalls that it also confers. Thus, today I will present to you guys 3 of the top reasons why I don't like powerlifting in order to allow you guys to make this distinction for yourselves moving forward.

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