Why I Don't Like CROSSFIT (And You Shouldn't Either!)

Crossfit is the sport of competitive fitness. The goal of the endeavor is, as the great Kenny Powers once derided, to become the best at exercising. The fittest in the world! Crossfit as a concept is also segmented between casual Crossfitters, who just want the health and fitness benefits of performing Crossfit workouts and partaking in the overall lifestyle, and competitive Crossfitters, who's goal is to become elite athletes and compete in the Crossfit Games- which is essentially the Olympics of fitness.

There are many positive aspects that have come about with the explosion in popularity of Crossfit over the last decade: it has gotten more people interested in strength training as well as overall fitness in general, it has taken niche strength sports (such as Olympic weightlifting) and helped to shine a spotlight on them into more mainstream culture, it has helped to proliferate the availability of "hardcore" strength training equipment (things like good bars, Strongman style training implements, bumper plates, lifting platforms, sleds, etc. etc.), and it has created a community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts across the globe.

With the good, however, also comes some bad. In the case of Crossfit, much of the bad is built into the essence of the ideology. It is part of its core. Therefore, it can be potentially dubious to get wholly sucked into this world if you are not prepared to defend yourself against some of these shortcomings. On the flipside, if we are aware of and acknowledge these shortcomings we can extract the greatest value from the endeavor while avoiding most of the potential negatives/pitfalls that it also confers. Thus, today I will present to you guys 4 of the top reasons why I don't like Crossfit in order to allow you guys to make this distinction for yourselves moving forward.

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