"Why I never deload (and why you shouldn't either")

Natural Hypertrophy Response!

My thoughts on the recent Natural Hypertrophy video titled "Why I never deload (and why you shouldn't either)." Natural Hypertrophy kicks that video off with quite a bold statement, asserting: "I personally don't deload and I consider deloads to be suboptimal for bodybuilding."

I initially had my pitchfork ready (based mainly on the title), but after watching the video in its entirety it becomes clear that Natural Hypertrophy does actually believe in and incorporate deloads in his own training and recommends them for others as well, and his initial assertion ends up being somewhat of a misnomer.

This response video is part direct response, part random thoughts, part semantics debate, and part tangent. I hope you enjoy the video and find it informative!Β 

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