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3/7/24 - When it comes to strength training remember ABC...

Always be cueing!

We tend to think of lifting technique as a finite process of learning with a vaguely defined "finish line."

"Well, once I've logged enough effective reps I will have mastered the movement and I'll be 'done' with the process of technical learning."

But this is a fallacy. Technique is an ever evolving process, and it's one that is never completed. Instead, what tends to happen is that the overall pattern becomes relatively stable, but small things shift gradually over time, almost imperceptibly. 

Old weaknesses fade and new weaknesses present themselves. What was once a glaring issue will fade in time. With proper diligence even the creakiest of boards can be secured solidly into place.

But then a new creaky board presents itself. There will ALWAYS be a creaky board.

The trick is honing in on whatever board or boards are creakiest at the time and using cues that help you to overcome those specific issues to the greatest extent. Just focus on 1-2 pressing things at a time until they are no longer an issue.

Cue, cue, and cue some more and with proper diligence and effective cueing you will overcome these weaknesses and cement an overall stronger, more efficient, and more resilient motor pattern. 

And then the NEXT creaky board will present itself. So every single time you step under the bar remember: always be cueing. 

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